December 09, 2008

Feminist wiles.

I'm a really spoiled person. This is made self-evident on a daily basis on this blog, so I won't go into it too much now. But one of the most delightful ways that I've been spoiled is by having a really wonderful husband who, through the following every day actions has made me miss him even more than is humanly possible (I've moved on to super-human missing powers now). I have also realized that through all of the spoiling I have become far less of an "independent" woman than I was back in the day....

A list of things I miss:

1. Having car doors opened for me.-Who knew that I liked this so much? In fact, sometimes I thought it annoyed me because it slowed down the process of us getting somewhere...but no, turns out, I liked it.

2. Putting my cold, cold feet on a warm, warm body. This is especially important this time of year. *sigh*

3. Hand massages. Feet massages. I hate to brag, but I pretty much had one a day ( if not more). Yes, Brett is a saint.

4. Dishes got magically washed. Brett washed dishes. He said this was because I cooked the meals, but lets not lie....he also worked like twenty hours a DAY so...Really, I should have washed the dishes....

5. He ate Little Caesars Pizza with me. And he liked it. Today I was totally craving a LC, but I had no one to eat it with, and lets not lie...if I'd gotten one the chances of me eating the ENTIRE thing alone were high. So, in the end, no Pizza for Abigail.

6. Hand-holding. I'm a fan.

7. Having doors opened for me. Honestly, I don't think I lifted anything heavier than a remote control in the whole year we were married....even when we moved I hardly lifted a finger. This became strikingly clear when I had to lift all KINDS of heavy items when moving all my things from Kansas to Washington all by myself. I have become a weakling.

So, kids....its been over a month since Brett left. That leaves us with around 11 more such months to go. Hopefully, somewhere around month two I'll gain back my independence ( since I'm gonna seriously need it when I go back to Washington!), but I really don't think I'm going to get over my strong desire of seeing that slow quiet smile sneak across Brett's face when you talk to him. Yeah. I miss that more than the foot massages and the pizza. ( shocking I know).


Amy said...

OK I dont know about this gaining back independence stuff. You're coming back and then literally a month later, Luke is leaving for MORE than a month for stupid stupid NTC. Then I'm going to be pregnant AND dependent (I mean, lets face it, already dependent, pregnancy didnt need to help with this). My point: we can be helpless together. And take turns taking out each other's trash or something ;-).
And like I mentioned just two seconds ago to you via text, I will sacrifice and eat LC Pizza with you when you move back. You heard me.

Anonymous said...

Call me next time you miss the LC while you're in Nac . . . Because I actually like it too ;)

This is Esther again!

Anonymous said...

Awww!!!! I guess you never realize how much the little things matter until they are taken away from you. I love you Abigail! By the way I am open to eating Little Cesear's pizza. I know that I can't be Brett but at least you won't have to eat it all by yourself.