December 08, 2008

A little Cheer

So, I spent a goodly portion of the day with my mother-in-law decorating for Christmas. I actually really love decorating trees for Christmas and nativity scenes, candles and twinkle lights....they are all pretty much the greatest, so what's not to love? But, it was extra special getting to spend some quality time with Mary and to be productive in a small way....lately I've been thinking about how I haven't held down a 'real' job in going on six months and how when that happens to a person you really have to evaluate your life in a new way. Instead of counting your job as your way of "contributing" to the world around you and then going home to veg on your couch, I've had to be more creative, I've had to think harder about ways in which I can "benefit" society....Not to say I was a total blob when I had a job, but not having one has taught me a lot about patience and being obedient ( to God's will for my life) and relying on God for my self-worth. It's been an interesting journey! And my two dear friends who are currently jobless and feeling blue: Girls, I'm praying for you! It's rough but good will come from it! Promise!
Wait, so what were we talking about?
Ah yes, decorating for Christmas.
Good times, and I had fun hanging out with my cute four-year-old nephew too. He's great about playing by himself, so listening to him blabble on and on to himself is adorable! We also made marshmallow monsters together out of marshmallow, toothpicks and raisins , so all in all I'm hoping I can get into his good graces by the time I leave again in January! I really wish I could be a more hands on aunt to all my nephews and niece-but being a far away Aunt is not as cool. :-(

In other news, Christmas shopping and another wedding to prepare for this weekend! Life is a whirlwind, when would I have time for a job?!? ;-)


Tabitha said...

That's where you are wrong. Far away aunts can be just as cool because then they send you parcels. Parcels make up for a lot of distance in aunt world.

Jillian said...

We need to make sure you see Marley before you leave!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I wish Americans would say parcels instead of packages . . . its much cuter ;)

Anonymous said...

That was Esther by the way . . . I really don't like the limited options for non-bloggers here . . . Maybe I should just get a blog ;)