December 04, 2008

My husband's friends.

When you get married, there is this weird moment when all of a sudden you inherit each others friends and family.... and you wonder,

"Will they like me?! Will they secretly wonder what Brett is doing with me? Will they wish things were back the way they were before I was around or will they accept me and look to a future of fun with ALL of us together?!"

And for the most part my fears haven't been realized ( minus one or two people who I'm still working on, but don't you worry...I will not give up that easily! You WILL like me! YOU WILL! )...and in fact, along the way I've found some of my favorite people amongst Brett's friends and family ( which seems only right, since Brett, himself, is so great...). Yet, when your husband goes off to war, there is a small part of you that wonders, "How will the dynamics between us change?"
And, I gotta say, one of the most interesting things has been seeing how Brett's friends have dealt with his being gone. I think the most touching of all the responses to Brett's departure have been those who are bent upon "filling his role" while he's away.... things like opening doors for me, wanting to know about my safety, and pleading with me to "move into an apartment before they go to Ranger school so they can help me move." ( how many people do YOU know who plead to help you move?), and all going out of their way to make sure that my life is as smooth as possible.
Anyway, I found this incredibly sweet and endearing that not only would these guys be so gracious towards me, but I think its also a pretty cool testimony of what a great husband Brett is, how else would these guys know that these would be things that would be missing from my life while he was away? That they would love Brett enough to be so considerate of me even though he's not around, is also very touching. I definitely think its been a very nice way for them all to honor Brett, and I must admit that from my perspective, I am so grateful...I know for a fact that my life has been easier this last month knowing that I don't have to do everything myself, even though my hubby is gone! ;-)

I think the other great testimony to Brett is just how comfortable many of his friends have made me feel, even though I've known them a pretty short amount of time! I have to admit that I'm actually excited about going to a wedding this weekend for Brett's college friend's Denny and Laura. I feel like I know these people!! And I can't wait to see them, and even though I could say that I'm going to quiz them on how they are doing because I'm going to pass it on to Brett ( which I will) ...I actually honestly enjoy these people and care about them! When I first met Brett's group of friends back when we were first engaged it was one of those defining moments in our relationship when it was once again affirmed in my mind that we were perfect for each other, I felt like if at that moment we could somehow meld my college friends and his college friend together they would have all gotten along. Ahhhh, in a perfect world....hehehe! Anyway, all that to say...I miss Brett. And I know his friends and family do as well, luckily we all have each other to celebrate all his great qualities and talk about our memories with him together and most of all anticipate him coming back to us all safe and sound next year!


donnave said...

I love this really is telling about how wonderful a friend Brett is. And, how wonderful you are, too!

Monica said...

Ok, I'm crying...and I'm psyched out of my mind that you're going to be here this weekend! Do you need a place to stay? Our door is always open!

Lindsay O. said...

It was so fun to see you!! I really enjoyed chatting with you. You were so sweet to come this weekend.