December 03, 2008

Early New Years Resolution

After a few key pictures taken over the past holiday, I have made a life changing observation....I open my mouth too much in pictures.
Its true.

You all know it, don't even deny it.

Anyway, I've decided for my New Years Resolution, I'm going to refrain from posing for pictures with my mouth open ( this does not include spontaneous pictures with my mouth open-which also happens a lot-I feel like that's asking too much. )

I know its going to be hard, since after trying hard to break my habit of "tilt head, smile" thing that I did all through high school and college...I went right on into this new annoying habit of "mouth open shot"'ll notice I even did it at my wedding for heaven's sake!

Anyway, in memory of my many many moments with my mouth agape....I've put together a little slide show of me with my mouth open for you to all enjoy and make fun of.


Amy said...

OMW you are hilarious. Before I got to the end where you warned me about the slide show, I saw the slide show ... yeah. You make me laugh. So great. And you really do open it every ... so there's that. But I dont think it's a bad thing...

Carina said...

But you are so sassy with your mouth open. I don't think anyone can work "mouth open" shots like you do, in fact I think it proves that you look cute no matter what you do.

I had to re-assess my "smile face" in 1st year because my old smile face was ugly, so I got an average-looking smile face just before the advent of the digital camera. Therefore I look exactly the same on every single photo you will ever see of me. Branching out is overrated.

Paul James said...

I laughed out loud... but with my mouth closed.

Emily said...

So I totally never even realized that you did that! HAHA

Good goal!