August 05, 2009


or so the clock says....I cannot sleep.

-Today I had FOUR people comment on how tan I was...honestly. I didn't think I was that tan!! But I guess sitting outside reading my book three days in a row was a bad idea.

-I really want a new computer for the following silly reasons: I want a computer that has a camera so I can talk to my friends/family face-to-face on Skype. I want more harddrive space so that Brett and my music can both co-exist on one computer and fasterness* ( whatever it is that makes your computer download things faster that has nothing to do with the internets) so that I can watch the things I want to watch and download the things I want to download.

I want my computer to not overheat when its over 80 degrees outside.

I also think new mac books are shiny and PRETTY.

*This should be a word.

-I got in trouble today via facebook because I did not take a facebook group as SERIOUSLY as I should.
-I got in trouble today for not being a prompt responder in the emailing world.

-I felt guilty about both these things. Whether I should have or not.

-I was relieved of my secret-keeping duties on two fronts. #1. My roommate finally found out where she is going on her honeymoon ( I found out last week). #2. I got to tell Brett that two of our best friends got engaged to each other ( I had to keep this secret for 24 hrs because the guy wanted to tell Brett himself-but WAR got in the way and so I finally got to do it myself.)

-Leading a Bible Study is hard and I never ever feel like I've mastered it.

-I've read 11 books so far this year. ( that is a lot of books to some people, and not many to others...)
-I've watched LOTS more televisions series in their entirety.
-That's depressing.

-However, this answers that nagging question about what I do all day.

-I'm regretting the two double tall lattes that I had back to back this morning. Even though it was a long time ago, it probably wasn't a good idea.


Amy said...

I, too, was awake at that hour. We shoudve called each other.
1. You are tan. But not TOO tan. I think Im a little jealous!
2. You are silly for feeling guilty about those things. Seriously. Or maybe I should feel guilty for not being serious enough about them either?! Something.

Tabitha said...

I going to have to concur with Amy, except about the being awake part, although it would totally be worth waking up to talk to you.

James said...

Hey if you wanna sell you old lap top I'm in the market.

Paul James said...

Nobody ever notices *my* tan...

There is never a silly reason to get a new mac! Apple usually has some good deals on refurbished ones on their website (which is how I got mine).