August 03, 2009

25 degrees of separation

Let me just tell you how MUCH better I like this week than last week...I mean, sure, I'm only half a day into this week-but already I like this week better. For one thing its not a million degrees in my apartment. Meaning, I can clean house, cook, shower, sit on my couch, lie in my bed, work on my computer....all without dying of a heat induced attack of some kind ( I'm going to guess it would have been a manic attack of some kind, but just guessing).

So, I had a pretty busy weekend of meeting up with girls and I've started this week off in a similar vein. It seems that when you take two week off from ministry stuff-life actually CONTINUES ON without you. Which is totally crazy if you ask me. ;-) So, its been all about catch up + a little bit of meeting up with new girls, which basically equals good times all around....although, I will admit it all makes me rather tired. My brain begins to hurt a lot faster after having THREE intense conversations in one day.

But, on a personal note I'm reading a really fascinating book at the moment (a new review by the end of the week, I promise!), I'm looking forward to a fun week next week when Amy K. comes to visit-plus I think the next few months are going to fly by ( or they BEST!) so that the End of Brett's deployment will only be around the corner. This is good news, since it turns out you really DO have to get use to not having him around ALL. OVER. AGAIN. And sadly it is no easier the second time around. *sigh* Nights are once again difficult for me, and I am once again having to teach myself to not want to tell Brett everything that happens to me in a day and want his opinion on everything....its all about becoming self-sufficient on an every day level again...which stinks.

Wait. That paragraph totally started out all uplifting and positive. What happened? Ok, so is back to the every day grind. And all in all I'm happy with the way things are going.

For instance, right now I'm going to walk to the library and pick up some DVDs that I requested, and then I'm going to eat some fresh mango and sit in the sun. See? That doesn't sound so bad.

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