August 26, 2009

The Patriotic Post

Lately we've been dealing with the finality of death around here. Brett's unit that he belonged to before he was placed on the MiTT team, deployed a little over a month ago-and in that time they've had more deaths than my naive mind could have imagined.

This news has affirmed like never before the importance of the "mission" that Brett and I have both felt strongly about over the past two years ( longer for Brett)...the importance of spreading the gospel within our military.

Its the only Hope we have.

And this weekend as we say goodbye to a heaping hand full of the guys in our Navigator Ministry who I've been working alongside over this past year, guys who will be deploying over the next few weeks, my prayers don't seem like enough....

Amy, Karissa and I were talking today about how we've all gotten exponentially more patriotic since our husbands have deployed-and I definitely think its true for me...I mean, I'm not saying that you'll be seeing a yellow ribbon magnet on the back of my car any time soon...its just that I am incredibly proud of my husband and so many others who are willing to give up the comforts of home ( and often much more than that!) to serve their country....and sometimes you really want to wear a tacky t-shirt that has some sort of eagle coming out of a star-spangled-banner screen printed on the front. ( Just Kidding)


Anonymous said...

So where can I get that tshirt?

A Day in the Life of Christa said...

What you said is so true! They sacrifice so much and are often underappreciated. I prauy daily that God will breath on or soldiers and that they would be led to Him and His salvation.