August 21, 2009

The Peril of Living in Pleasantville

EVERY SINGLE DAY ( minus Wednesday, because I guess even landscapers need a day off)...I am awakened by weed eaters, blowers and weird sidewalk scraper thingies...And you know what?! Now that I think about it, I've seen nary a leaf or twig DARE to float down onto the sidewalk and impede my walking in anyway whatsoever. I guess this is why.

I'm currently listening to Missy Higgins on TOP VOLUME on my headphones so that the rackett will not be able to impede my posting abilities. Because we all know how I am when I'm awakened before the allotted time. ( Bless all the mothers that I know, I don't know how you do it.)

In other news, a while ago I threw a baby shower for my friend Katie...and at the time I thought, "Wow, this is the last party I'm going to get to throw while I'm here in Washington..its an end to an era!"

Now lets all stop and laugh at my naïveté... I'm currently in the process of planning TWO parties a week apart. The first one I'm hosting is the 1-17 Wives Coffee, with Amy and Karissa and then a week later a Lingerie Shower for my current roommate. This will reach new levels of my hosting abilities, since I'm having to MULTI-TASK in my mind of all the things I want to do for each! Whew!

I am going to feel SO accomplished when its all said and done. ;-)


A Day in the Life of Christa said...

Dont you hate it when people wake you up before your ready to get up! I was asleep the other day and it was about 6am and all of the sudden my bed starts to shake. Then I realized that the people where working right under my rooom. :(

Carina said...

Just caught up on your blog...feel so sorry for you and your stupid kidney stones.