August 28, 2009

Still good

So, tonight I was looking up a quote to stick at the bottom of the current letter that I'm writing to Brett ( I'd think he'd love any letters you might want to send his way...he's ( more than) good when it comes to supplies or boxes or anything like that-but letters are ALWAYS welcome!!

Anyway, as I searched for the quote I wanted, I came across this other one that was also pretty great. Short but sweet:

" ( Lothlorien) is like being at home and on a holiday at the same time, if you understand me. I dont want to leave."

I think that would be my ultimate desire for my home when people visit....seems like something that might be hard to attain-but definitely worth working towards!

Gotta love Tolkien!


Tabitha said...

It's totally attainable. That was what it felt like when I came over for your wedding.

donnave said...

Wow! Abby, what a compliment from Tabitha. Your family does have that ability. I always love visiting with them...sigh