August 30, 2009

What's on the Menu:

We're finally facing September in the next few days...and I could NOT be more excited about it! Honestly this has been the LONGEST month ever ( I know that I probably say that every month! hahaha!)...and its nice to be on to September, because September means we're one step closer to November and you know what THAT means, right?!

Its almost to exciting for words.

But instead of jumping ahead two months lets focus on the month ahead. I think one of my major prayers for these last few months without Brett is that I would focus on what is at hand as well as looking to the future. I think it could be all to easy to get too excited about my husband coming home and miss many of the exciting opportunities that I still have yet to experience here on the home front.

So let's talk about this coming month:

I'm helping to throw the 1-17 coffee this next week, and I feel VERY honored to have the opportunity to try and pamper and spoil these wives who have had probably the WORST month ever....praying that the Lord would bless it in a big way....

I'm throwing a shower for my roommate Lindsay the next weekend and I'm also excited about that too....I can't wait for her to be a married women and experience all the joys it has to offer-but until then I'm glad I get to spend these last days as a single girl with her!

Tabitha is coming to visit!!! I'm very excited about this, just because she is one of my favorite people and getting to share a little bit ( she won't be here NEARLY long enough!) of the ministry that we're doing here will be great! More importantly I get to share HER with the people here.....and I love sharing people with other people!

Then I'm going to Texas for a week...a week isn't very long, but it was all I could comfortably fit in at this point, and I've been definitely missing my family a lot the last month or so, so I cannot WAIT to see them!


I'm sure other things will surface, because they always do, but I think its already shaping up to be a good month! Yay!

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