October 12, 2009

I'm leaving things out...

If you're my facebook friend or Twitter follower ( which you should be!) than you know all about yesterday...through my 140 character rants about United Airlines and Travelocity....and how NO ONE SHOULD USE THERE SERVICES EVER EVER EVER!!! So, I won't go into again...lets just say that when I got home at 1am last night ( 12 hours later than I should have been home..) I have never been SO TIRED.

But, it was all worth it-I had such a great time at Lindsay and Isaac's wedding...mostly because it was a joy to be able to share in their happiness. It has been a cool couple of months leading up to this big day, and I gotta say I've never felt so connected to a wedding before! I've basically been with these two people for the past few months, watching their relationship grow and blossom and it's pretty darn cool to know they have years ahead of them to continue to bring glory to God through their relationship with one another. There is SUCH a difference in couples that are striving to serve one another and above all serve God....there is something about that ultimate goal, that changes everything....it makes the knowledge that there will be challenges and there will be setbacks, totally ok. Its like KNOWING about the "Happily Ever After" before its even started!

Oh, and incidentally, I loaded some pictures on to facebook from my trip to Texas a few weeks ago + pictures from the wedding this weekend, so you should check those out!!

And now...now I'm laying in bed with a triple grande soy latte from starbucks...something I dreamed about for four days in the THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE IOWA, and catching up on my Hulu Queue. Somehow I ended up with zero obligations for this week...so I'm going to try and enjoy it. It's starting to kick in BIG TIME that these are my last few weeks in Washington and that's pretty much blowing my mind- perspective?! Where ARE you!?!

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