October 14, 2009

My resume

As many of you know, I write "verses of note" at the front of every new journal when I start them...you know, just to give the journal a little head start.. a running jump into whatever I'm going to write in it-if you will. Anyway, one of the verses I wrote at the beginning of the journal I'm currently using is kinda a little different from the usual:

You yourselves are our letters of recommendation written on our hearts, to be known and read by all." II Cor 3:2

Paul said this to the people of Corinth-and he was basically saying that the impact I had on you, and then the lives that you now live for Christ...THAT is the greatest work I have done in life. And as I think about that, I am really sobered by that kind of priority. I mean, for the most part my goal is just that people "like me". I mean, that's good enough, right?!

But the idea of adding something like, "let me teach you something you didn't know"...or take that further to "let me reveal more of who Christ is to you"...wow...that's a tad harder! After reading this verse again, I was struck by how-one way or another-whether good OR bad-we do impact the lives of those around us, PEOPLE are our resume ( or CV depending on where you live) for life. If I picked up each relationship-friendships, acquaintance, co-worker, employer, schoolmate-and I read them like a book of who *I* am, what would I find out?
What have my priorities been? Have I been working hard to sell Christ all these years, or have I been selling Abigail?

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Tabitha said...

Well if you used my life as your resume, then they would hire you on the spot. :)