October 28, 2009

surprise parties and other things about leaving

So, its really starting to hit home that I'm leaving. Maybe because its happening in a week. Maybe its because the movers are coming tomorrow. Maybe its because all the things that I had to look forward/things to do before Brett got back are slowly getting checked off the list.

Maybe its all those things.

Anyway, its all very bitter sweet this leaving thing. But, we'll just focus on the "sweet" part. Like the surprise "goodbye" party that some of my totally awesome friends threw me yesterday. And, boy howdy, I was surprised!

You see, Tabitha came into town under the "guise" of wanting to see me one last time and wanting to go the Tuesday night bible study ( the first part was true)....and Bethany came down from Seattle on a Tuesday ( not her normal routine) under the guise of seeing Tabitha...and then we all showed up at Bible Study, and the lights were off as I walked into the room...which SHOULD have been a good clue. But, lucky for everyone my mind has NOT been as sharp as a tack lately....and so I was very surprised when the lights came on and all my friends were there... And I was actually quite moved ( and may or may not have shed a few tears) that people were willing to give up either their normal Tuesday evening or their normal Tuesday Bible Study routine to do a little partying on my behalf.

Amy and Tabitha ( with Brett's help) had come up with a party game "Abtly" (private joke there) entitled "How well do you know Abigail?" ( Lindsay won-I guess living with me for 5 months gave her an edge.) and all of my favorite foods were served ( aka. it was a junk food fest that would put any other party in a choke hold and until it cried uncle.), plus there were really sweet presents handmade by the Navigator Girls that were absolutely wonderful...and it was lovely. I cannot wait to get some of the pictures.

All in all, I can hardly write about it all because its kinda overwhelming that people would be so sweet - and plus it just makes me think how many people I'm going to miss horribly!

Last week had me doubting if anything about this past year had been productive at all. Had I grown as a person? Had I made a difference anywhere? Was this really it? And while I can only trust ( because there really isn't any other choice) that my time here is complete and that God is ready to take me on to different things. I am at least hoping to leave my time here in Washington with the feelings I had last night. Feelings of great joy as I looked around the room at people who loved each other, cared for each other, were committed to serving their community, serving each other and above all serving God.... in some way I felt like what is the equivalent of what my Papa use to feel when he'd express how happy he was to know that my mom, my sister and I were all safely tucked in our beds-because he knew where we were. I will be sad to leave Washington and living my day to day life with the people here-but I leave them knowing "where they are"...and knowing they will all carry on caring for one another and growing and experiencing all that life has to offer together. ( Because, ultimately its the people that I worry about-will people love each other like *I* have loved them? The answer is: Hopefully even better!)

So, tomorrow, the movers come. More specifically the packers and the movers. Honestly I am kind of curious to see just HOW they are going to pack up everything AND move it onto a truck ALL in one day.

This should be interesting...

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