October 25, 2009

Tina update #1

Well, friends, thank you for your prayers and concern for Tina-I know she will appreciate knowing she is being lifted up by the saints!

Here are the details/prayer requests I've collected today from those who have seen her.

-She is still in a lot of pain, especially since they have begun lancing ( i.e. scrapping) some of her wounds. Pray that she would have relief and strength. ( these wounds still cover about 80-90 % of her body!)

-Her veins are collapsing and therefore making it difficult to put her I.V. and other medication in, draw blood for tests etc. They are hoping they will not have to put in a port ( is that the right word, medical friends?)

-Because of the legions in her mouth she hasn't eaten much of anything for almost four days. This is bad since her body needs the nutrients. Pray that she will be able to get down more sustenance.

-They are checking things like liver function at the moment to make sure that her organs are holding up under the pressure of this illness. Keep praying they stay strong!

-Tina's eyes are continuing to bother her. Please pray that her eye-sight would not be effected long term.

-This whole ordeal is obviously creating a heavy financial strain for Tina, and many of her friends are concerned about her financial situation. Play that the Lord would provide. ( and if you would like to donate a gift to Tina please let me know and I'll pass you on to Jamie who is taking care of that aspect.)

-Also continue to pray for Wes as he juggles school and trying to be by Tina's side that he would be strengthened and encouraged.

-And above all we continue to pray for complete healing for Tina's body and that this whole situation would be a testimony of our Lord Jesus who knows all and hears all prayers.

Once again, thanks to all those who are praying. It is truly encouraging that the Lord is with TIna!

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