November 30, 2009

Because I told you to...

Go to your nearest theatre and watch the movie Blind will be inspired and you will possibly cry ( like I did...four times.)

It will be a MUCH better and uplifting experience then watching, say, Twilight: New Moon, which was so incredibly awful that you'll have to laugh just so that you will not cry at the state of the world, a world that thinks that this is quality....Although, there is this one scene where Bella's ( whiny so-called-heroine) head gets a teeny tiny bit of blood on it, and Jacob ( the probably manic-depressive warewolf) WHIPS OFF his shirt and starts dabbing at her head.
I mean, I didn't blame him...if I had had to take steroids, and therefore put my body in serious risk, at the tender age of 16 so I could get that buff...well, I'd probably make every excuse to show it off too....
Anyway, that's what I got out of THAT movie...and the moral of the story is, go see Blind Side.

In other news, this weeks goal is to make friends. I had a very short lunch date today which was progress and I was invited to a party tomorrow night which will hopefully be more progress...wish me luck, I must be at my winning-est. hehe.

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Emily said...

Dont hold anything back.... I am not sure exactly how you feel about New Moon do you mind repeating that? HAHAHA