December 05, 2009


The past few days, when thinking about blogging, I've thought "naaaaah, there's isn't much to say...", but now that I'm here I'm realizing that a lot actually happened this week! So yay for that!

Anyway, I'll try to figure out a way to start...this week we got practical things accomplished ( which you know that I LOVE. There is nothing like checking things off the to-do list to make me giggly!)-and in accordance with that, this monday Brett is getting his last two wisdom teeth taken out, and then on Tuesday our household belongings are being delivered to a storage place that we rented ( ugg, yes, these two things should NOT be happening in quick succession-but what are you gonna do?!)....I cannot WAIT to have our belongings back within grasp! While I know its going to be ridiculously difficult to FIND anything that we want among all the vaguely labeled boxes "kitchen", "books", "bedroom"....I am INTENT upon finding several things that I feel like we cannot live without for six months. Wish me luck. :-(

This week we also got started on getting involved with the navigator ministry here at Fort Benning. It is very different from Ft Lewis, in that there are 5 or six different studies going on throughout the week, focused on different groups that are working, living here at Benning. Each of the different bible studies is run by different groups of navigator laborers and they have pretty much ALL said they needed help! So we've decided to visit each one of them in the next few weeks, and pray that God shows us which one we should plug into!

The first study we went to was INCREDIBLY cool-it was reaching out to guys who are in basic training and on the night we went, for the first time, the ministry had access to a bunch of guys who were being chaptered out of the was incredible to see the turn out of guys who were hungry for some comfort and some answers and it was absolutely awesome to see the few laborers ( ministry dudes) that were there, being surrounded and eagerly listened to!! I had the privilege of praying for what was going on with the other girl laborer there, and it was neat for once to not be "involved" in the traditional sense but to remember that pretty much NONE of the work that is being done is from ourselves, but from God. It was also super cool to see the group that God gave Brett that evening. He had about six or seven guys in his group and every single one of them was intent upon his every word. The little groups were all in the same room and at the end of the night, once they all started to break up and go there separate ways, Brett's group just moved in closer! It was like every time I looked over there were six little bald heads just a little bit closer to Brett's!! Needless to say, Brett was totally pumped after that, and I think we were both reminded that all the annoyance of fitting into a new place and the little worries about trying to look cool and be liked are really NOTHING in comparison to getting to share some Good News with guys who are hurting and going through a difficult time!! THIS is why we feel so passionately about ministering to the Army! There are SO many guys out there who are struggling and looking for answers, guys who need to know what real Love and Compassion is!! Ahhh! I just hope that we, in all of our failings and faults, can some how share that with some of them!

Annnyway, on Thursday Brett headed to another study, but I stayed home because, as we all know, I like to catch new sicknesses when I go to a new of course I was feeling not-so-awesome, but, luckily on Friday-after having dinner with one of the guys who was on Brett's team in Afghanistan and his wife ( that was pretty cool!! Two worlds colliding!), we got to go to a Fun Night, that that particular bible study was throwing! So I ended up getting to meet a lot more of that bible study anyway! This group was much more mixed, guys and girls and reminded me a lot of the dynamic of the Ft Lewis ministry ( awww! I miss them!), and we had a super fun evening playing Catchphrase.....

So yay for making new friends and hanging out with people more! and Yay for being reminded what all this moving and this crazy army lifestyle is all about!! This week I also got to have a few one on one conversations with some girls and that encourages me, that while I do not yet know where I fit into the mix here-there are a lot of wonderful people to get to know. I just need to remember my Quiet Times from this week and the verses that I've been getting, like:

" Be strong and let your heart take courage all who wait on the Lord." Ps 31:24

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star57light said...

Don't worry Abigail, we miss you too!