November 13, 2009

A Grand Maker indeed!

I think sometime God has things a little bit difficult just to remind us that He's there. If today had started out bright and sunny and perfect, I'm not so sure I would have seen His magnificence in quite the same way...
As it was, we woke up in our hotel ( that we'd arrived at late the night before) near the Grand Canyon to pouring down rain. Not the "clear weather" I'd prayed for, for our one day to see this wonder of the world!!!

But, we decided we'd go look at the "big hole in the ground" ( I just came up with that...clever, I know) anyway, since we'd come ALL THAT WAY...and surely we'd be able to see something!?! RIGHT!?!?

Well...not really.

When we arrived it was super de douper cloudy and rainy. And yet I dutifully took pictures of the canyon anyway. ( looking at them now, they are basically pictures of clouds).


But then, AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, it started to clear!!! And it was as though God just unfolded this beautiful piece of artwork that He'd created just for us!!

We then got super into it and started to think we should spend MORE time there than we'd allotted...but just as soon as we got greedy and started thinking about going back and getting more pictures...the clouds started to roll back in. Time to head back on the road!!

And just in case, I wasn't fully aware of God's providence on this whole trip so far, this is what we saw driving into New Mexico from Arizona:

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SteveO said...

So even though I told you that i thought no one reads blogs, I have been trying to keep up with yours Abi. One because you write some of the most interesting things, two because you have a lot of good picture with them as well, and three because I have been reading the blogs of the guys down range, I figured I could take the extra time and read your as well. It's even easier when you post the link or the super-duper FB, lol!

Well I am really glad to hear and see that you are enjoying your trip, and its awesome to see that God is revealing Himself to you on it as well. God speed.