November 02, 2009

taking off the fancy pants

So, today I said goodbye to the Fancy Pants apartment. And while I will miss the magical fireplace and the giant shower, as well as the perfectly manicured lawns and well behaved neighbors and easy access to Starbucks, I am ABSOLUTELY 100% excited about moving to Georgia. ( and all 100% can be attributed to Brett).

As I left the fancy pants apartment I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and I felt like I could finally start to get excited about Brett coming home. I mean, don't get me wrong I was excited before but the excitement was hiding underneath my mountainous to-do list. But, now, now I only have about 5 or 6 things left to do before Brett's homecoming and that's hardly ANYTHING! And so the excitement can finally bubble over like it should.

Oh, and before I forget let me just tell you that God performed a MIRACLE today in the Fancy Pants see, remember way back when my fridge totally had that awful smell coming out of it?!? Well, that week was a bad week for the apartment in general. Not only did the awful smell happen, but I broken one of the window blinds and then Lindsay was opening the microwave and the WHOLE HANDLE came off in her hand!!! It was good thing that I left for Texas a few days later to break the cycle of damage or seriously the whole place would have been destroyed! It was insane.
Anyways, we basically had to leave the handle to the microwave off and just open it up by grabbing hold of its insides for the past few months ( ghetto) and then yesterday Bethany and I super glued the handle back on-just in time for the Fancy Pants managers to come in and go through the place with a fine toothed comb.
I honestly didn't think they'd open the microwave at all, but I was still nervous about it. I mean, I knew that with one good tug that handle would be off-so I just prayed that it would at LEAST look good for the twenty minutes the inspection would last....
HOWEVER, about two minutes into the walk thru and I KNEW I was in trouble. I had gotten the "MANAGER-manager" instead of the "manager-manager" and thus it was as though Barney Fife was going through my apartment check list. NO ROCK was left UNTURNED.

And so...of course, I saw in slow motion MANAGER-manager going for the microwave. And so I held my breath...and LO!! something that can only be described as a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE occurred! The handle stayed on! And not only did it stay on when she pulled it, it stayed on when she slammed it shut!!


I pretty much wanted to run out of there right then..... Ahhhh! glorious!

And thus the end of an era. The Fancy Pants Apartment is no more.


Tabitha said...

Wow. I am impressed, because you really have to yank that door open. Awesome.

Christa said...

Super glue is awsome! With miraculous help of course.:)