November 10, 2009

A Tina Update

Well, friends, I'll be sharing from Brett and my travels in the next few days...but first I have something amazing to share with you! Yesterday I got to spend some time with Tina and she was good enough to let me share some pictures from her experience with, normally I would not be down with sharing this kinda pictorial story with you-because I don't have the strongest stomach...but seeing as I had to experience it in person and so many of you were so faithful to pray for her even when you couldn't see her, I know Tina would want to share with you some of the incredible detail of the miracle God performed in her life.

Bare in mind that these first images were taken only two weeks ago and the last two were taken yesterday!
( isn't she beautiful!?)

Once again, thank you for praying for Tina and thank you for continuing to lift her up as she deals with recovery from the traumatic experience. She texted me today to say that she was able to READ her bible during her quiet time ( without listening to the audio Bible) for the first time today. God continues to heal her body!

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donnave said...

Tina, our God is truly the God of are,indeed,beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Abigail.