January 20, 2010


So, BOY-all those days when I didn't leave the house or talk to anyone but Brett-well, I completely made up for them today!

We currently have three guys staying in the bunk house, not to mention the guy who's staying the guest bedroom, plus we got a surprise evening with three guys who just graduated one of the schools here at Benning and had an evening pass and wanted to spend their time chilling in our living room -and this was all after I spent the day with a brand-new army wife and then rushed to the grocery store for extra food ( see above guests) and then rushed home to have a work meeting. This was followed by three conversations on Skype with great friends, followed by three conversations on ichat with three other great friends.

And now I'm POOPED.


Luckily I only felt mildly queasy while all of that was happening so YAY for Hiphopopotamus letting me GET THINGS ACCOMPLISHED for the second day in a row.
That's right, the SECOND DAY. Yesterday I had a chiropractor's appointment ( which means I had to put on real person clothes at a decent hour), a lunch date, grocery shopping and then spent the evening playing cards with the Woods. POSITIVELY A WHIRL OF ACTIVITY.
I mean, normally pick just ONE of those actions and that would be IT for a WHOLE entire DAY, but no....no, I have been doing them ONE right after the OTHER...without even taking a nap in between.

I know.


And now its 9:30, which means its bed time. ( we can't change EVERYTHING about me!! they call them "baby" steps for a reason) haha!

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Paul James said...

Wow, now *I'm* tired haha.

It just occurred to me that I have yet to congratulate you and Brett, so congratulations!!! (one exclamation point for each of you)