January 25, 2010

Costco and too much fluff.

That's right, Karissa and I are braving it out in the "real world" and heading to Costco in "the big city" tomorrow. Yes, we're gonna drive two hours to get there. And yes, that's a long freakin way to go for bulk goods...but sometimes you have to take your adventures where you can get them and mine is coming in the form of a needless roadtrip ( for me, anyway...I think karissa ACTUALLY needs dog food..) trip.

On the flip side today I didn't get much further than the mail box, when I went out to post some letters...so yes. Life. It's pretty exciting.

But, luckily I do have a reason to put on non-elastic pants, today. I've got a "wives get to know you" dinner for the other Captain's wives who are currently here for the Career Course ( FYI: that's what Brett is currently doing all day, every day.), and I'm generally excited about that. I mean, I'm all about mingling and getting to know new people...its just I don't feel particularly "cute" these days. My shirts fit all weird and my pants fit all weird too. Life is not looking cute. Being pregnant is NOT cute. The worst part is that no one would possibly know that I am preggers by looking at me...they would just think I'm "fluffy around the edges" which...I AM. I TOTALLY AM.


I wish I could just skip to being a hot mother of a three year old. ;-)
( that's the age that I predict I'll get my figure back.)


Rachael said...

Yes, the first stages of pregnancy aren't so fun. You kind of want to wear a shirt that says, "I'm pregnant, not fat" (or fluffy.) But soon you will have a defined bump and be able to buy/wear maternity clothes (and they will fit you right) and then you WILL be a cute pregnant lady! :D

Lyds said...

Sorry Abbey, but I predict you'll have another before your first turns 3 ;-) Doesn't mean you wont get your figure back sooner though!

Katie said...

You could just start wearing maternity clothes now and everyone will be whoa...you're so skinny b/c they're falling off of you!

Amy said...

Im telling you... embrace the pants.
In other news, I ALMOST have my figure back ... and it's only been 9 months. But I AM stuck in this weird parallel universe so there is tht ... hmmm