February 23, 2010

Happily Ever...

So, if you're new to this blog or you need a refresher on things-I would highly recommend reading this post that I wrote a few weeks ago. There within I expounded up on the upcoming changes that the army was going to throw our way-and how things were not looking good.

In short, we were faced with several problems-One, that if Brett didn't take command of a company right away than it would affect any long term career goals he might have. Thus his plan of teaching at one of the schools here in Georgia wasn't such a good one anymore.
Two, that if Brett DID take command right away than it would mean we'd have to leave Georgia...meaning that he'd have to go into ranger school as SOON as he got out of the career course ( long story about why this is...just take my word for it), which lasts three months and since we can all count- that would mean he would miss the birth of our child.
Three, if Brett was take command of a company right away, it could not be guaranteed that he wouldn't be deployed again very soon.
Four, if Brett had to go to ranger school after his current course, the Army would not recognize this as my "home" and therefore I wouldn't be able to get on post housing for those three months...and since our current living situation ends in June. I would be homeless. And about to give birth. Without my husband.

Ok. So I know that all of that was as clear as mudd. But basically the bottom line was, THINGS DIDN'T LOOK GOOD FOR ABIGAIL.

But, I was very calm ( which you can read about in that above mentioned post) and I have stayed calm. I have stayed calm because I had a sense of peace about the whole thing, a peace without any understanding....God would take care of it. I just had NO IDEA HOW.

Until yesterday, yesterday Brett came home with amazing news:

He has been assigned a command ( taking care of problem #1) here at Fort Benning, something we didn't think was possible because of Army technicalities that I won't bore you with, but after Brett had explained his situation, they made an exception! ( taking care of part of problem number #2. no moving!!). The Unit that he will be taking command in will be getting back from deployment in September ( taking care of problem #3-they won't deploy again for at least a year!). And Brett feels that since they don't get back till September and usually after a deployment everyone takes block leave-it wouldn't be TOO big of a deal for him to wait and do the August Ranger school ( taking care of the other part of problem number #2!! He'd be around for the birth of the baby!). And since we'd officially be stationed at Fort Benning again, I should easily be able to get on post housing when our time here is up ( taking care of problem #4).

People. I cannot express to you enough that when I wrote that post about our problems I saw NO solution to all of them. I could absolutely NOT see a way for absolutely every one of my worries to be addressed. And yet. The Lord knew even then! He knew even before we could foresee that there WAS issues, how He was going to solve them. How everything was going to work out for good! It is TRULY amazing to me and I am SO excited about this news. I think I am actually more excited than I would have been if I had not seen the direness of our situation and so I am even grateful for those several weeks of not knowing. For now I can truly reveal in the Lord's faithfulness.

Its an Army Miracle.


Amy King said...

I wasn't aware that Army miracles happened...but I have many assumptions about Army.

I will definitely be "there" for the birth of Hippopotamus--I'm teaching summer school at Ole Miss until July 30, then I will be free until the beginning of the fall semester. :)

Thomas, Katie, & Eden said...

YAY!!! I was literally thinking about your situation 1 hour again and hoping that you would be well taken care of, praise God!

Katie said...

Fantastic news! I'm smiling right now. :) And thankful that the situation will be something sweet you remember forever as God keeps providing.

donnave said...

How wonderful, Abigail! To think that God can take care of little ole you in little ole Georgia! Not minimizing this at all...it is huge! It is always encouraging to see examples of His faithfulness toward us!

Paul James said...

I read this this morning:

"...I will send down the showers in their season; they shall be showers of blessing." Ezekiel 34:26

Definitely sounds like it's "raining" over there in Georgia! Rejoicing with you and Brett!