February 10, 2010

our two laptops.

We're trying something new tonight. Instead of covering the kitchen table with his work, Brett is currently covering the bed. I must admit I like this better, because at least now we're laying next to each other-me watching Gilmore Girls, season 4 on my laptop, him typing some sort of Army Document on his. Its all very 1950s single beds like. But at least i can look at him this way...

So did I mention how we're spending the weekend? Well, I didn't because its still undecided. Not because we didn't decide, but because the skies decided to open up and dump large amounts of snow on the Northeast. Now, we are just waiting to find out if those tickets we bought to visit Brett's dad and family up in Maryland will actually take us anywhere. Ultimately I'm praying that if the weather is terrible that they cancel the flights...that way at least we won't loose the money and can live to fly again another day. I still can't believe we haven't visited Brett's Northeasterly family since we've been married!! I'm very excited about meeting his aunt and uncles who, so far, I've only had an internet relationship with plus any stories I can muster out of Brett....that's no way to be! So hopefully the skies will close in time for a weekend whirlwind of a trip.
Seriously, who knew this year was going to be so busy?!

F.Y.I. If you want to see something funny you should seriously go watch Gilmore Girls season 4, episode 7-"The Festival of Living Art"....Suki's freakout about giving birth is fantastic.

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