February 11, 2010

In short

Today's events should not have bothered me, but they DID:

1. During my OB appointment, PA in training couldnt find babies heartbeat, leaves me for twenty minutes laying on my back fretting before coming back with SOMEONE WITH SKILLS so that I could stop freaking out about my baby. 20 longest minutes EVER.

2. Sat in Hospital Lab waiting to get blood work done: watching four Lab workers play on their phones and talk to one another while only one worker works. I HAD LOW BLOOD SUGAR. I NEEDED A MUFFIN PRONTO. But no. Instead I had to wait another 20 min. before being "served".

3. Dentist appointment. Had a temporary filling put in. I have a tiny mouth. Having a MILLION HANDS in said mouth makes it ache and hurt. It took hours it seemed. My mouth currently aches.

4. Got the wrong drink from starbucks. I pouted. Brett bought me a new one. I felt guilty for pouting.

5. Its snowing everywhere. And THIS is the weekend we decide to visit the Northeast. ( I don't think its gonna happen.)

6. oh, and F.Y.I, throwing up stretches your mouth involuntarily. Even if one side of your face is in serious distress...it will still open super wide during that dreadful moment. Leaving you with more pain for later. AWESOME.
And yes. Throwing up here in week 16. ALSO AWESOME.


Katie said...

Some days are just better when they're over. I love you! Hope you get to stay home this weekend and not fight the airport!!!

Tina said...

Awww Abs.. sorry about your Starbucks. I would've pouted too, and about the healthcare "professionals" ;-) love you and miss you!!