February 15, 2010


Surprise!!! We didn't get to go to Maryland.
Surprise!!! It snowed in Georgia. It snowed at our house!! It snowed everywhere ( according to facebook status updates)
Surprise!! The movie Valentine's Day was actually good and not a royal disappointment! I was actually delighted with how much I actually liked it.
Surprise!! ( not really, but I have a theme that I don't want to ruin) the restaurant Cheddar's is royally disguising...I would rather go to APPLEBEE'S.
Surprise!! I had my first real latte in almost four months, and I didn't throw up! Take that, Baby Hiphopapotmus-hope you enjoyed that little boost of decaf!
Surprise!! My sister sent me cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery for V-day, and they were as tasty as they were adorable. Seriously...I think they must use black magic to make them that good AND shippable. ( totally worth it).
Surprise!! Brett got me adorable Gilmore Girl coffee mugs for Valentine's Day....how well he knows me.
Surprise!!! We ended up going for Atlanta for the night.
Surprise!! Even though I'm four months along in this pregnancy I still get sick if I don't eat IMMEDIATELY in the morning time. Thus the dry heaving in an Atlanta parking lot.
Surprise!!! Happened upon a wonderful little joint called The Flying Biscuit....Breakfast all day, if you go to Atlanta. Eat there.
Surprise!! I'm very much considering having a natural birth. I am now prepared for all your comments to go buckwild. Go.


Anonymous said...

Gilmore girl mugs?! Where do you get these? I must find them, I must have! You know you love Gilmore when you refer to people "pulling a Rory" - like when my friend told her boyfriend thank you after he told her he loved her!

BTW, I love reading your blog - it's hightly entertaining and just like you - refreshing and real. Praying for the pregnancy!

Love, Jenn

Jillian said...

I really really wish I had had a natural birth with Marley. In fact, I might have a home birth with our next baby. So, I say go for it! The worst that could happen is you have to change plans! But I have read so many amazing things about having a natural birth. Have you seen The Business of Being Born?

Lindsay Fones said...

well abigail... of course it's going to be natural. baby hiphophapotmus will not being coming out of your belly button :) hehe..... nurses' humor. had to write it :) i'd say keep your options open and don't get dead set on one way. so the considering is a good thing :) i've been traumatized by the 2 out of the 30 i saw who had no pain meds.....so i am not keeping my options open. lol. i could be your birthing coach :)it would bring me back to the chicken noodle soup in the ER days. i miss you! talk to you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you're crazy. i miss old Abigail who made fun of people who didnt take the pain meds for being CRAZY. please bring her back.

Seriously pain meds = best decision I ever made, as in EVER. Plus I took the best nap of my life.

love, amy.

Christa said...

:)I think a natural birth is a good idea as long as you know your pain tolerance and how much you can take. I am glad you and Brett had a good valentines day.

Anonymous said...

I would totally support you (from way over here in little ol' Texas) in the decision for a natural birth. But of course I'm all for any way that little one gets here ;) I am curious though. Are we thinking in a hospital or like with a midwife instead?

Keri said...

Love the flying biscuit! I could eat one of those carby/fatty things every day!