March 01, 2010

The Mother of All Sales

So, a friend of mine here at Fort Benning, who should be called "SUPER MOM" because she has four children under the age of five...and she still seems to be sane. Anyway, this friend told two mothers-to-be and myself that we should really get involved in this GIANT CONSIGNMENT SALE that they have every year for all things baby and child related, and if you volunteer to work a few hours at the sale then you get to go to a Pre-Sale. And therefore get first dibs on all the 'good stuff'

When I first heard about this I was in a daze. I was barely pregnant. All I wanted to do was throw up and I would pretty much do whatever people told me to do, so I signed up. Besides, it was WAAAAAY far in the future! I mean, MARCH for pity sake!
But, today is March. And today is the day of the Pre-sale.

And the closer I get to the thing the more stressed I become. I mean, standing in line with a bunch of Mothers. Waiting to RUSH into a giant room full of baby/child things ( foreign objects to me)...and then try to QUICKLY figure out what to get and what not to get...honestly. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!

I hate shopping and I hate hate HATE doing scary Black Friday Type shopping, and that's exactly what this seems to be.

Anyway, the odds of me actually walking away with anything worthwhile are slim to none, but I'm doing it anyway...JUST IN CASE.
So, because I'm so stressed about it all I've decided to make a list. ( because those are very calming) A list of all the things I need to have/buy/acquire before this Sweet Potato ( that's how big Hiphopopatomus is now!!!) arrives.


Anonymous said...

NOW is when you need ME! Because I LOVE consignment sales! And .. bonus! ... I know what you need. And ... extra bonus! ... I what a good price is and what good condition looks like.
But I am in stupid washington. I sorry.

Rachael said...

I did this same thing in FW before Esther was here, but had no idea what to buy because I hadn't had any showers or anything and didn't know what to buy, so I ended up leaving without anything. If I went back this year I would know what to get. So if you don't get anything this time, next year you will know what to get...and how EXCITING a sweet potato! :)