March 02, 2010

Successful Pre-Mom moment

So, it turns out the consignment sale was NOT as scary as I thought it would be...I mean, I'm not gonna say it was a success but that's only because I will not fully know what success is until I have a kid and that kid does or doesn't take full advantage of the items that I bought. As Rachael pointed out, there is nothing like actual experience when it comes to parenting and I'm sad that all the books I'm reading can not give that to me. Gosh Darn it! I was hoping I was going to be a SUPER MOM from the beginning...but after standing over a large train of baby swings all looking up at me, trying hard to think if I needed one, and if so which became clear that I do not know what I'm doing.

That being said, the sale was in a very large, previously empty, strip mall and therefore it was nicely spaced so that I never felt crowded or pressured about my buying. This was a huge relief because of the whole Not Knowing What I'm Doing thing that I mentioned before.

So, now I'll tell you what I bought and you can judge me in the comment section ( though I might cry, because pregnancy hormones cannot be reigned in.)

I got this for $15

I got this for $25, which was a huge score with all its gadgets and does have a few stains on it-but nothing I can't handle.

I an activity mat for something like $6 I think...its not this one exactly, but very similar

This is the one item I am semi-regretting getting. It was really cheap, something like $5 or around there...and I was delighted by it being in its original packaging, that it was Edie Bauer and that it was travel friendly. Its called a Travel Hammock, but its basically a little rocker.

And then I got this in its original unopened packaging for $2! Score!


Anonymous said...

Being a mother of 3 I will say that those are all excellent choices!! Good job!

Amy said...

I judge: truly excellent work.
Next stage of contest: what sort of sad, deserving or otherwise very worthy people can you dig up to pass this stuff on to; or how much can you get when reselling? Ill check back on this in a year.

Amy said...

Also wanted to say regarding the pack and play:
- I use the bassinet ALL the time ... recently stopped because Dave is GIANT but until now its been a lifesaver ... (i really mean that. I couldve DIED if I had to lean all the way over into that stupid thing every time he cried).
- All the other gadgets. Used the changing table once or twice when he slept in the pack and play in my room while we had house guests. Other than that it's been in the closet. Everything else I've never used.

Rachael said...

I agree that these will all be used and if they are used only a few times, they were all great deals, so well worth it.

The little rocker thing might actually be quite useful when the baby is just born and prefer to be in a more upright position to sleep. I'm not sure if goes in a more upright position with a baby in it, but it looks like it might with the weight of a baby bottom. Esther only slept in her bouncer chair or swing the first month of her life because she didn't like to sleep flat until she was older.

Thomas, Katie, & Eden said...

Excellent choices! Our pack-n-play has been priceless. The bassinet will be great if you plan on keeping the baby in your room for a while. We still use the pack n play for traveling or hanging out at friends late.
Too keep my comment shorter I'll just say that we use all the other items (except the little rocker which looks like an awful lot of fun) every day and they were all lifesavers.
Oh- and I can't say enough good things about travel swings.They can be stored easily, are cheaper, and they are fantastic if you go to a friend's home for dinner, etc.

ehome said...

I have an almost 2 year old and I will say that you did awesome! We had/used all of those during the 1st year and still use the pack & play for travel.

Katie said...

Fantastic job little mommy!

aggierudy3 said...

I saw one of those huge mom swaps on 18 & Counting (or was it 19? I was watching a marathon) and was wondering how people made out at them. I think I would have bought one of everything and had a lot of regrets. You, however, did great! You bought the one thing I'm really wishing I had - an exersaucer. Now that Zuzu is crawling and into everything. It would be great to have a safe place to put her during meal prep.

Biggs said...

Well it feels redundant to say that those are great choices like everyone else. But, I have to agree. We have needed them all (minus the rocker thing that we don't have, but looks cool) in the past 7 months. I would definitely say yes to a swing! It was a lifesaver for us. I debate if Alexander loved his swing or now loves that round toy thing the most of all his stuff. Bassinet in the pack-in-play a definite must at first. The changing table part is also a good heighth. WAY TO GO! - Stephani