April 05, 2010


So, Georgia straight up cheated me out of my favorite temperature. 70 to 75 degrees is, as we all know, the perfect set of temperatures. And Georgia just decided to skip right on over from 60 ( too cold)...to 90 ( too crazy pills HOT). Which is why I bought a swimsuit today. Not a "hang out by the pool and catch some rays" swimsuit...because that would be WRONG on several levels. 1. The rays would kill me because those rays are like FIRE. and 2. I'm basically a beached whale. And no one wants to see that lying next to their pool...for one thing, they'd just start throwing water on me and pushing me towards the waters edge in the hopes of saving one of Earth's most magnificent creatures. Then everyone would just be embarrassed.

Anyways, the swimsuit I bought was for "hardcore swimming" purposes. Let's all take a stroll down memory lane and remember when swimming was literally my life ( up until I graduated highschool). Those were some nice years and the smell of chlorine still makes me terribly happy. But, that time in my life passed. And for some reason I have been hesitant to take up swimming as a full time form of exercise ever since. ( Wait, that's a lie. I do know the reason. Because most of the "free" pools that are available to me are only open for lap swimming at times that Abigail Is Never Ever Awake and Active.) Buuut, according to my sources, here at Fort Benning there are many pools for me to choose from and I can lap swim to my hearts content. This is important because, lets go back to the whole temperature thing. I had to do my "exercising" at 7:30pm last night because that was the first time that I stepped out side and didn't start sweating immediately. And so I bought a giant swimsuit ( we'll see how long it lasts me.) in the hopes that I will be able to continue to exercise through my third trimester.

I'll let you know how this goes....


donnave said...

It will be great because, according to former swimmers I know, when you are pregnant and in the pool, that is the only time there is no gravity pulling at you. They say it is a lovely feeling.

Trinity said...

Congratulations on exercising during pregnancy . . . I just gave up!