April 03, 2010

Hot Cross Buns! Hot Cross Buns!!

I continued my tradition of making Hot Cross Buns for the second year in a row ( in the Abt family, if you did something once and it was fun, it could immediately become a tradition...and so, last year, when making Hot Cross Buns and they didn't turn out a total failure and people actually ate them-I decided, "And Lo it shall be a Tradition of Easter Proportions" So when Easter came around this year, and I was living in a house without my standup mixer ( and the all important dough hook) I went so far as to borrow one from a neighbor because IT WAS A TRADITION. AND YOU DON'T MESS WITH TRADITION.

I used Martha's recipe that you can find here...but I did NOT use raisins ( ew!) but doubled the dried cherries ( yessss!) and I also do not believe in making my own icing unless absolutely forced and I'm here to tell you that scooping a tub of Duncan Hines vanilla icing into a bag and then piping is JUST AS GOOD.


Alisha and Mark said...

I had the pleasure of trying your "buns" last year and they were amazing! I even looked up the recipe a few days ago and thought about making them...but then I decided I should spare my "buns" the calories. Hope you are doing great! Maybe I will make them next year when I will have someone to share them with. :)

Tabitha said...

Hot cross buns have icing? Sounds delicious.