April 21, 2010

What's in a name?

So the story of how Baby Hiphopopatomus's name came to be started so long ago that Brett and I can not remember who exactly mentioned it first. Which is really the best way to come up with a name. In some ways it makes me feel like there was no question about it, since all other names that were discussed ended up just being "back ups" no matter how we looked at it.
And so, while we still have not decided on his middle name, Ransom has been his first name in my mind before he even really existed.

I do remember talking about the name while Brett was in Afghanistan. We first and foremost loved it because it was a constant reminder that Christ paid the ransom for our sins when He died on the cross-that each and every one of us was bought and paid for-when we didn't do anything to deserve it. In fact, the hymn that we had the congregation sing at our wedding ( How Deep the Father's Love for Us) has the line, "His wounds have paid my ransom." So you could say the name has been on our hearts from the very beginning.

And then there was the icing on the cake. Which is really for my literary following, if you haven't read C.S. Lewis's Science Fiction trilogy ( aptly called The Space Trilogy or Ransom Trilogy ) you should go get your hands on a copy of "Out of the Silent Planet" RIGHT NOW! These books are wonderful, as really all of C.S. Lewis's books are and so the fact that his Hero is also named Ransom...well, that seemed fitting since Brett and I first bonded over our love for C.S. Lewis and Tolkien ( our child should feel lucky his name is not going to be Aragorn or something! haha! ). And so, really, there was never much of a question...no other name fit quite as well, and that is the story of why.

It has been hard telling people the name because a lot of people have obviously turned up their noses...which, for the record, I suppose I understand. It is definitely not a conventional name, but since Brett and I are both lovers of words it was almost impossible for us to have a name that didn't have special meaning to us personally...and so we have, for the most part, ignored the looks of disapproving. And I hope that one day our son will hear the story of his name, and he'll love it as much as we do. It is my prayer, that just as his name tells a story of Christ's love for us, so will the life that our son lives.

So, there you go, the story of the name!


mktgaggie05 said...

I love it, Abigail. Thank you for sharing!

aggierudy3 said...

Ransom is the name of our yet-to-be second son. I've loved it since reading Out of the Silent Planet and have the added bonus of it being the name of my grandmother's grandfather (or someone ridiculously distant like that). Since Cyrus Edward isn't born (or conceived) yet we might have to wait a while.

I really like Homer (my great-grandfather's name), which means hostage, as a middle name with Ransom. Jason vetoed it because no one would get it and think we liked the blind poet too much.

Rachael said...

I think it sounds very masculine and I like it. I prefer names that aren't the same as everyone else. After teaching in classrooms where everyone's name is Jayden, Aiden, or other rhyming words, I want something different.

I'm hoping that my kids will be the only one in their high school with their name. (Unlike me who had two other Rachel's in my class, not counting other classes...I guess at least my name was spelled differently!)

All that long-winded-ness to say I prefer names that are old fashioned and more unique!

Jason said...

Awesome! My favorite book of all time is That Hideous Strength. http://www.nonmodernblog.com/2008/02/that-hideous-strength.html

Lindsay O'Connor said...

LOVE the space trilogy! Cool idea.

Katie said...

I like it, I think it sounds good and has a great meaning behind it. What's better than that? And I totally understand the disapproving looks as not everyone was a fan of "Morris," but I'm so glad we stuck with it b/c he looks like a Morris to me! And I'm sure it will be the same for your little one!

donnave said...

I like it, Abigail. But, being the recipient of an unusual name myself, do not expect him to...at least until he is older. It took me a while to like being different!
Also, remember that when we named Joel, it was what we thought of as an unusual or old-fashioned name. Now it's everywhere.
Looking forward to seeing you at the end of May!

Deb Wood - Editor said...

I so like it....we'll call him 'Handsome Ransom'!