April 20, 2010

breaking the pattern

So, I made it 26 weeks without getting any kind of cold or flu or anything which is pretty incredible considering that I went through the fall and all of the winter, everyone around me was dropping like flies and yet I didn't get sick! It was awesome, and then I was making dinner last night and my throat started to hurt and it didn't take long for my nose to start to run and ta-da! I have a cold!!!

I literally walked around in a haze today. I ran several errands where I would go into the store, wander around and come out with nothing.

Just in time for this evening when we had four guys over for dinner ( that's not counting the three that are currently living with us), all total I was feeding 8 guys! So, anyway, I figure that if I can do that with a serious head cold than I assume I can some how take care of a baby on little to no sleep....well, actually, no. I'm still not so sure! haha!

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