May 25, 2010

Facebook Favor...

So, do me a part of my campaign of getting my mom and my sister set up with their very own facebook accounts so that I can be in EVEN BETTER TOUCH with both of them...I would like my own facebook friends to head on over to my facebook page and make a comment on my current status ( or you can comment here if you're too lazy for that), all I need you to say/agree to is that you really wish YOU could be facebook friends with my mom and sister too!!!

( if you don't know them, that's ok..this doesn't apply to you-unless you WANT to be facebook friends with them anyway...)

1 comment:

mktgaggie05 said...

Well, one down, one to go - just received a friend request from Anna. Yay! Of course, I can't get on FB right now so I don't know if your mom has gotten on yet or not.

Hope you and Brett and Ransom are all doing fabulous!

~ Mary