May 24, 2010

the ten o'clock headlines

Fair warning people, this post has no central point except that its all things that I want to talk about...

First of all, and least important, I watched the last episode of Lost yesterday and while I appreciated it on several levels for bringing people back together, satisfying my need for happy endings, and making me cry several bucket loads while sitting alone in my house in the middle of the day....I still am not entirely sure what happened or what the last four years of shows have been about. I'm hoping one of my smart friends will explain it to me some day soon....but until then, I must give the show major props for keeping me entertained for MOST of its four seasons.

And speaking of good plot lines, I have been getting phone calls and emails from friends and family over the last day or so to exclaim about the recent engagement announcement of my friends Paul and Lydia. For those of you who do not know Paul or Lydia, the reason for the extra excitement has been because of the CRAZINESS of their romance. In fact, its so dramatic and incredible it probably deserves its own blog post....but for the moment let me just say that Paul is a friend of mine from Texas and Lydia was my very first friend in New Zealand-they met at Brett and my wedding and did not see each other again until Paul sold all his possessions ( ok, probably not, but this is my story so that's how I'm telling it) and moved to New Zealand...where, only a few weeks later he proposed. Seriously people. You can't make this kind of romantic gold up!!
Let me just say that the wedding toast is writing itself here...

Ok next, my wonderful friend Katie who I met in Washington and now, sadly, lives in Kentucky just started up her very own photography business!! You really should head over to her website and check out some of the first pictures she's posted!

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Anonymous said...

I live in Kentucky, does she do children's pictures?

Brien Abt