May 21, 2010

A Fan Fan

And no I did not accidentally repeat a word just now. I'm actually a hug ol' fan of the box fan. That lulling sound of constant whirring?! TOTALLY puts me to sleep...which is a bad thing when you're trying to use the fan to just cool you down, NOT put you to sleep....
Which was me today.

Its currently 87 degrees outside and its about 68 degrees inside ( YESSSSS! THAT'S RIGHT! ARMY, YOU'RE PAYING FOR THIS ELECTRIC BILL, NOT ME!!) and yet I have still had two little melt downs today. Not of the physiological kind but the sweating kind.

I blame Ransom. He's like carrying an electric blanket around your middle. And yes, I DO realize its only going to get worse ( I'm not sure why people feel the need to remind me of this...)

And so I've plugged in the box fan and I am currently sitting directly in front of it on my swiss exercise ball ( also known as a "birthing ball" in hardcore maternity circles). And this is how I roll....( no pun intended) chillin in front of the fan.

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