June 25, 2010

Get out of Dodge

So, I took a picture of my wall calendar to illustrate this post...but it didn't really turn out, and you guys have probably had enough of my bad iphone pictures of late...so you'll just have to believe me when I say, BRETT AND I ARE BUSY.

In fact, we're so busy that we decided to not wait for free time ( because that never happened) and instead we're going away on a weekend when things are actually happening and we're just going to miss out. No biggie.

Because honestly I'm tired. I'm tired and I need to relax. And more importantly, Brett's tired and HE needs to relax. Here are words that came out of my mouth yesterday:
"I can't wait to have this baby so then things will slow down!"

Ok, so I was mostly kidding, but part of me was serious ( which is sad and terribly naive). And this is no way to live.

Its mostly no way to live because as I look around, our lives are pretty exciting and great and I couldn't be happier with the work we're doing here at Fort Benning, or the people we're getting to hang out with...and yet, because of the tiredness and the "not enough butter spread over too much bread" ( name that quote*) feeling I don't feel like we're enjoying our lives as much as we could be.

And so this afternoon Brett and I are going to Atlanta, where we're going to stay in a nice hotel ( and we all know how much Abigail likes nice hotels, don't we?!?), and we're going to eat Chipotle ( because we all know how much Brett and Abigail love Chipotle, don't we?!?), and we're going to visit Ikea ( because we all know how Brett and Abigail need a new coffee table and this also gives them excuse to eat cheap swedish meatballs and browse the awesomeness of Ikea) and we're going to finish the book series that we've been reading out loud to each other since Christmas ( because we all know how much Brett and Abigail like to read out loud to each other, don't we?! ) and we're going to watch movies in a movie theatre ( and we all know how much Abigail and Brett love to go see movies, don't we?) and we're going to sleep in ( because we all know how much Abigail values her sleep, don't we?! And its now been SO LONG since Brett and Abigail have gotten to sleep in that EVEN BRETT is starting to look forward to this activity)....and we'll probably do some other things too...

Wish us well...I'll be back next week!


Elaine said...

After the initial adjustment, life with babies is slower. They make you slow down because even if you don't want a nap, baby will insist! I feel so much more rested now than when I was working. Could also be because Zuzu is much cuter than my sixth graders.

Anonymous said...

The quote...so easy. Bilbo to Gandalf in Fellowship of the Ring. Wonderfully apt allusion. So glad y'all are taking the weekend.

Yo Mama

Tabitha said...

That sounds wonderful. Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

So great you're going to get some down time! You'll be so glad you did later. I didn't mean for that to sound scary...b/c you'll get some downtime, but I found it hard to leave the house at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

DUDE you are doing the right thing little mommy! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! That is what it is about! Love you guys and looking forward to seeing your little man!