June 04, 2010

"Have you read all these?!"

Inevitably when people come into our home they comment about our bookshelves. And after they comment, they usually ask the question, "Have you read all these?!?"

And for some reason I'm surprised every time! To me, except when we're moving, the question is not do we have a lot of books but instead its-do we have enough books and the answer there is, "no". ( except when we're moving when the answer is we should go out and buy an ipad and get rid of all these heavy god-forsaken things...but luckily we don't move every day and that sentiment always goes away.)

And as for the question of have we read them all...that's pretty silly to me! I mean, WHY would you have books if you didn't read them?!

However, I do have to admit that Brett and I do purchase books in the hopes that we'll get a little time here and there to be able to pick it up and read it, and have yet to have that moment happen- and so my answer is that in a combined effort we've read about 80-90% of our books.... I have a shelf in the living room that has a section at one end that contains quite a few of the books that are on my "I want to read" list that is on the right-hand side of this blog...and after taking some time away from that list to read a stack of what I like to call my Estrogen Books ( Basically a whole bunch of pregnancy/baby/wife books), I have returned ( at least for a little while...before I have to start reading the "How to raise a child" books) that "I want to Read..." list.
And so, after about 7 months, I finally finished J.M. Barrie and the Lost Boys. I must admit that by the end I was pretty depressed ( lets just say there was a lot of dying happening...) but all in all I feel infinitely more educated on J.M. Barrie as an author and a man-and since I like to know where my favorite authors are "coming from" in their writing it was all in all a really good read...And now on to the next book on my list! What fun!


Jason said...

Yeah, we get that question all the time as well. Especially after boxing up 50 boxes or so and carting them half-way around the world. I could never do the iPad/Kendel thing though. There is something about reading a real book, preferably old and dusty out of a second hand store with that "book" smell, that is half of the experience as far as I am concerned.

mktgaggie05 said...

I can so relate to this! I love books!

donnave said...

I don't really even understand that question. The sad thing is, we only keep the books that we loved and want to share. So, there are others out there, drifting around that didn't make the cut to the bookshelves!