June 21, 2010

Its been a while...

It is truly amazing how quickly your "norms" change! A year ago today going to bed alone with my computer for company was totally a matter of course. In fact, I'd been doing it for eight months! Looking back at my blog from this time its funny that I'd just thrown a baby shower for my friend Katie, Lindsay was living with me and I was having fun times with the girls from the Fort Lewis ministry and I was just starting to get pumped about Brett's R&R in less than a month, deployment was no longer a "super scary" thing..instead it was just day to day life and something that both Brett and I had learned to deal with
....and now here I am at Fort Benning, getting ready to have my own baby (!!) and for the first time in ages I'm going to bed alone again! Now it seems so strange and totally awful all over again!

For this I am grateful, I am glad that for the past eight months I've had very few lonely nights courtesy of the Army, I am grateful that while the bonds with friends here have been harder in coming, I know that God has done a lot of work in my life over the past year and that Brett and my relationship is even stronger now. Brett and my friendship is all the stronger-something that I can thank that deployment a year ago, as well as these past eight months at Fort Benning for building.

It is because of all these experiences that I am not completely afraid of Brett's upcoming Ranger School experience ( its coming up in August)...while it IS scary, I know that some how we'll get through it. And one day we'll be able to look back at it too and see how it was yet another thing that helped shape our relationship.

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