June 22, 2010


First of all, and this isn't really that important in normal day-to-day life...but if you're eight and a half months pregnant than it SO IS IMPORTANT. But, basically, if you remember I posted a few weeks ago about my current obsession with Snicker's Dark ( the Dark Chocolate version of the already perfect Snicker's Bar) and how I'd basically inhaled an entire bag of the Snicker's Dark minis ( wait, you mean I didn't tell you that in my post?!? nevermind)

Anyway, it was as though I somehow jinxed myself in writing that post because EVER SINCE the bags of Snicker's Dark have DISAPPEARED off the shelves of ALL SUPERMARKETS!!! Now if I want to revel in this dark chocolate-ly goodness I have to buy the NORMAL SIZE Snicker's Dark....now this isn't necessarily a tragedy, but there is something wonderful about those "fun sized" candy bars...you can eat a few and somehow it doesn't seem as bad for you. Its as though the calorie count always stays low even if you DO eat the whole bag ( because they're LITTLE). Anyway. I'm sad. And I want my mini candy bars back. WHERE DID THEY GO!??!

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Anonymous said...

Eight and a half months? That seems to have gone really fast (probably not so much for you!) Good luck tracking down the mini dark snickers, I'm totally with you on the fun sized bars seeming less bad :-) Louise