July 15, 2010

Blessed Up

So, Brett and my third anniversary was a success...and don't worry, you won't have to wait too long for a continuation of Our Story that I started yesterday...however, it just won't be today.

In fact, it was suppose to be yesterday, because I thought I would have plenty of time to sit and reminisce while Brett was at work...but then the night before our anniversary I was getting ready to bed and I said, "I'm going to ask your boss if you can have the day off tomorrow..."

And so I texted Brett's boss the following text:
"You know what a REALLY great Anniversary Present would be?! Giving Brett the day off to spend with his awesome wife."

And his boss texted back:

And then he texted Brett and told him to take the day off....

Now before you totally freak out and either A. Think that is a totally made up story. or B. Think Brett has the greatest boss in the world and that you wish this would happen to you...

Let me just tell you that the answer is most definitely B. at the moment.

You see, Brett is currently "between" jobs-basically he's waiting around to go to Ranger School in August ( after Ransom's born and all...) but that doesn't mean that the Army doesn't periodically task him to do various jobs. And currently he's working for one of our really good friends...which is handy when it just so happens to be your anniversary and your wife decides to take it upon herself to get involved.
Normally I would NEVER do such a thing. And I'm pretty sure normally a boss would never reply like that either.
So yeah, it was a really nice surprise.
A nice surprise that I'll try to remember and savor while Brett is gone, suffering in Ranger School/hell.

So we had a lovely Brett/Abigail style day which included the following activities. Incidentally I'm going to tell you about our day in detail like this because I feel like soon its going to be a relic that we look back upon and wonder how we ever had such lazy relaxing days?!? Ahhh...children. Such a blessing.....such a shock to your system.

Anyway, our day:

We woke up early ( because no matter how hard you try, your internal clock will still wake you up when you normally get up). So we took this opportunity to exchange Anniversary gifts. I got a squeaky toy and Brett got an Espresso Machine.
And before you think that seems mighty one-sided, Brett actually got me an iphone4 ( YAY! this blog is about to get videos!!!) but it hadn't arrived yet...
And then we had breakfast with Jaymon and then we did our quiet times. After which we were very tired and took a two hour nap.

That's right. A nap. In the morning. AWESOME.

Then we woke up, and since lately I always wake up hungry, we headed to our new favorite restaurant, Thai House ( not as good as Lemongrass in Olympia WA...but I'll take what I can get...) and then we went and bought Espresso beans and headed home to try out Brett's new toy.

After playing with the Espresso Machine ( its AWESOME by the way...although I have yet to really sit down to master the steamer as of yet...but since its not like I could actually drink the latte right now...I'm not in a huge hurry).

And then we read Harry Potter out loud to each other, followed by watching two episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation....

Yes, friends. This is how we spent our day. And it was lovely and perfect. And it can very much be concluded that we are very nerdy sedentary people.


Stacey said...


Good thing you wrote it down because those things may never happen again starting next month.

Well, at least not for a good 18 years or so.

Okay, I'm stretching the truth.

It's more like 10 years.

Doesn't that make you feel better?

Stacey said...

P.S. Just so you don't think I'm lying, check out this post....

Tabitha said...

My favourite nerdy sedentary people. :)

kristy said...

morning naps are awesome!! what a wonderful day :D

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