July 16, 2010

The horrors of Christian Peer Pressure

So, I have three weeks until my due date. That's right. Three. And I'm really starting to feel it in every bone, muscle, ligament and acid reflux-y part of my body.

Which is why I decided to choose today, of all days to get up and go to Friday Morning Prayer. Which, incidentally starts at 5am on the dot ( which, if you're counting and I most CERTAINLY am...means you have to get out of bed in the FOURS). Now, up until this point I've used my "pregnancy" to not get up at this unholy hour and do holy things...but then, at our Sunday Night Bible study the girl that had HER baby a month ago ( THAT'S RIGHT! A MONTH!) said that she was going to be going...and so, it was then that I felt the Christian Peer Pressure strongly upon me, and I knew that I could no longer use pregnancy as my crutch. I mean, if this sleep deprived woman could do it...why couldn't I?!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm really glad I got up and went to prayer. Group prayer is one of my favorite favorite things in all the world. And yet, by seven am when I was going on my walk with my walking buddy I could feel my decision weighing down upon me....and then when I got home and spilled lemonaide all over our bed and had to strip the sheets off to wash them...I could feel 4:45am grinning at me..and then, when I was taking a third load of laundry out of the dryer and carrying it down the hall...my back could feel it. And then, when I went to the commissary and shot evil, evil glances at the women who had illegally parked in the ONE expectant mother's parking spot ( OF ALL DAYS!!! THE ONE DAY I WAS GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPOT!) my lack of sleep knew the reason why my temper was so short...and then when I got home and had to walk up and down our very steep stairs FOUR TIMES carrying bags of heavy, heavy groceries up to the kitchen it became even MORE apparent...and then, when I spilled soup down my front while eating lunch...well, actually, that happens almost every day so I can't really blame my early prayer call on that one...but ANYWAY.

The point is, I don't do well with little sleep and I have a very strong suspicion that this blog is going to take on some green eyes and pointed horns and possibly some nasty claws in the next few months. I would appreciate it if my readers did not take any rants seriously...

And in other news, I am waiting with baited breath for my iphone 4 to arrive in the mail...that would make this sleepy giant pregnant girl happy.

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mktgaggie05 said...

I crave an iPhone 4! I've decided to wait until the recall stuff is resolved though...of course I would have had mine already if not for some retarded connection between apple.com and AT&T on preorder day...and yesterday. sigh.

You complain all you want, Abigail...though I've yet to experience it for myself, I'm sure growing a human being is exhausting! I appreciate your honesty in your posts about how you're feeling and such. Praying for Ransom's safe arrival!