July 24, 2010

Continuing on...

Its official! I've got a cold...which is kinda funny because usually every time my sister and I see each other, one of us is sick and then the other of us gets sick because I guess we're sensitive to each others germs...well, now that she's got a daughter I guess we passed on that little trait and I must have caught poor Kilsyth's cold. :-(
But, if there was ever a person who I do not begrudge for giving me a cold its THAT adorable little girlie ( I miss her).

And on that note, I'll continue with what I started yesterday...and today we'll be looking at the bedrooms of our home as seen through my iphone:

First, Ransom's room...please take note of the mobile. I think it turned out pretty great ( Thanks again, Katie and Thomas! I get so many comments on it!!)

Here's the guest room, my favorite thing is the duvet cover:

And finally, the master bedroom, which my favorite thing there is probably all the windows ( though you can't seen some of them in the picture, you get the idea..it use to be a sunroom...)


Tabitha said...

Just remember, if anyone asks, you need to give them better instructions than what was available. It looks magazine worthy.

Anonymous said...

I love the rug in Ransom's room. And the duvet cover. Looks like a gorgeous house :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was from Louise

Amy Bushatz said...

Thank you for the tour of my soontobe new home. I would like more pictures that give a taste of how big/small the rooms are, pictures of the stairs UP to your place and a photo of the kitchen. When you have time. But no, seriously, haha.