July 23, 2010

the new toy

So, I got my iphone4 in the mail yesterday...and since I'd just prayed against distractions ( at the time I was meeting with my friend Keri to plan a workshop that we'll be leading at the Navigators Fall Conference), it was TRULY a miracle that I was able to "put it away" until today...but today I've been enamored with my new toy. The best part? Most DEFINITELY the camera! The pictures are awesome! And I looove having the option of a flash! YAY!
( The worst part is indeed the poor reception. I'm going to definitely have to get a booster...bad job, apple, bad job.)

But it was a good day to have a new camera at my finger tips since it was J-Money's ( jaymon) 30th Birthday party...and so I needed to have picture taking abilities at every turn. Good times.

But, since the boys are still partying it out in the living room right now ( watching Dumb and Dumber on the movie projector big screen) I'm going to celebrate my new toy by showing you a couple of pictures I snapped this afternoon of our house.

We'll start with the dining room...
my favorite thing in the dining room is most definitely our Hall of Fame picture wall.

Then head on into the living room...
My favorite things in the living room are the built in bookshelves and the decision to put a large mirror in front of the fire place.

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