July 08, 2010

Fried Pickles

So, I'm super tired. Which I usually am after Bible Study. Because I'm one of those people who is an extravert but who does NOT actually get "energized" via other people...go figure. But, Bible Study is always so awesome and exciting ( getting to see God work in people's lives is pretty much better than cupcakes...and we all know how much I love cupcakes) and therefore I'm always in this state of tiredness/excitedness that leaves my body confused about whether it wants to go directly to sleep or whether it wants to stay awake for hours and hours....

And so while laying in bed I will ponder why I have heart burn ( other than the baby that believes my ribs are some sort of toy to be punched and played with) I remembered the FRIED PICKLES that Brett and Tabitha and I ate this afternoon ( I mean, what better food to send Tabitha back to Canada in her stomach?!? )...that's right. Pickles. Fried.

Only in the South people, only in the South.

And speaking of the South it was well over 100 degrees outside at 7pm. And thus the contributing factor to why I had to take THREE SHOWERS yesterday. THREE.

However, our thermostat is set on 68 degrees. That's right, friends. 68. Its gloriously chilly in this house. And I suggest that those that come visit us for any length of time ( oooh, saaaay, a few days) should bring sweaters for themselves and blankets for their babies. Because I'm NOT TURNING IT UP FOR YOU. I love you and all, but honestly, I'm already taking three showers...I don't have time for any more.

It should also be mentioned that we now have LESS THAN A MONTH until Ransom is born. So now, pretty much everyday, I have a moment where I think about getting out books about feeding/sleeping/other infant related things that I need to know and don't know...and then I push it out of my mind because, I'm sad to admit, I'm scared that once I get out the books there will be no going back and I will finally know without a shadow of a doubt that I know NOTHING about babies.
And so I continue my procrastination.
In the end I may have several of my blog readers on constant speed dial once this baby comes because I am NOT GOING TO BE PREPARED!!

Which bodes the question: Why aren't there more MOM classes and less Birthing classes?!? I mean, birth is gonna happen whether I want it to or not! PARENTING on the other hand is TOTALLY not something that's just going to happen...*sigh*

Ok, this blog post is causing me to have more heartburn. Off to take more tums...


Rachael said...

Abigail, you crack me up! I think that it will be more natural than you may think. There will definitely be times when you call your mom or someone else who has kids, but most of it will come pretty easy...at least that's the way I see it. If you've ever babysat a child before they can crawl, then you will definitely be fine!

We kind of went to a birthing/parenting class thing and NOTHING was anything I'd never experienced or with babysitting, except for maybe swaddling, but I couldn't do that anyway after that class! Babies are heartier than everyone thinks, which is good because new moms can be clumsy!!

I will give you one little piece of advice, but you don't have to listen to it!! (I know how overwhelming advice can be!) When Ransom is a bit older (say a month or so) try to get him on a "schedule" of sorts. Nothing rigid, but have him eat, PLAY, THEN sleep during the day. Babies fall asleep while they eat, and then don't get completely full and don't sleep as well later. When I nursed E sometimes I would take off some of her clothes or tickle her feet to keep her awake, then we'd play with her a little (when she was really young, not very long) and then we'd put her down awake, so she could teach herself how to fall asleep. We probably didn't start this until she was a month or maybe two, but she was always a good sleeper, which is NICE! (Before she was a month old, I couldn't help but hold her A LOT, which I think is good too!!) Do what's best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

Anonymous said...

The parenting stuff will come more naturally to you than you would believe. You always can call your mother when you get too stressed out!!\

Brien Abt

Trinity said...

Good sleep habits, definitely a good thing! We didn't know any better with Noah; he still is hard to get to go to sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night much more than Micah. We learned with Micah; he goes down very easily, most nights, and sleeps through the night, most nights.