July 06, 2010

Thoughts from the last few days

I was SO homesick for Puget Sound on Saturday night when were were watching really lame fireworks from miles away in a sad parkinglot where a street light turned on evert 15 minutes and stayed on for 5 minutes before turning off....seriously. It was sad.

Just as a reminder for perspective of what this year REALLY REALLY didn't live up to... last years fireworks were here:

We've been having lots of fun having Tabitha around this week....luckily she's had a pretty crazy work schedule of late and so the "Pregnancy Days" schedule ( i.e. the reeeeally slow pace) hasn't bothered her too much.

On Sunday, we did entertain a couple of Airborne School girls with a showing of Independence Day on our projector ( that's right, we have our very own projector so we can watch movies on the "big screen" when the mood strikes us) in honor of the 4th....Abt family tradition.

Today we got Pedicures...Tabitha tells me this was her first. That's hard to believe. They are an important part of life.

And then I took her to get her very first Snow Cone. Which, if you live in the South, is very important. There is nothing quite like flavored sugar syrup over shaved ice to make it really feel like summer!

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