August 23, 2010

One Down

Today Brett had his physical training test for Ranger School. This test is used to weed out about 150 guys so the standards are pretty crazy. Brett was not feeling super confident going into the test since, unlike the last time he did Ranger School, he'd been doing a lot less running this past year and felt like his run time for the 5 miler was really close to the cut off...
But today came and I got a text from our friend Charlie ( who has inside information) that both Brett and Jaymon passed the test!
I obviously don't know any other details but one thing I did think was pretty cool was that this morning on our way to Ransom's two week doctors appt, I noticed that it was only 75 degrees! At 9:30!! It's usually already in the upper 80s by then!! This means that Brett got to do his test in much cooler weather than normal! How good is God to take care of even these little details?!
I thank you all for your continued prayers... I know the Lord is answering them!
As for Ransom and I... The child has developed some serious colic and spent the better part of last night and today screaming. Hopefully some Mylicon drops will begin to help the situation because I cried a good bit of last night with him... Praying tonight will be better.

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Abby Scorsonelli said...

Cheering you on Abi! :):):::)))

Rachael said...

I will keep you and Brett in my prayers. Also if you get a chance, check this blog post out.

It might help you cope with the extra crying...knowing it's a period of a baby's life and you're doing NOTHING wrong.