August 22, 2010

Never changes

Its awful when Brett leaves. I hate it. And in has never gotten easier. In fact, this evening I went and read my blog posts on the days that Brett left for Afghanistan. Both times were awful. How could I forget?!

And this is no better.

In fact, its been kind of harder considering I've got Ransom here and I feel like my normal coping mechanisms are being cramped by this new little person who needs to eat all the time.

And right now, right now he's crying. Ransom has been crying for ten minutes. I want to cry too.


Lindsay O'Connor said...

Thinking of you guys and praying for you. I pray for you to have an especially sweet time with the Lord while Brett is away.

Rachael said...

Praying for you extra hard as well.

the emsta said...

love you guys
God has your entire family in His hands and on His heart...praying for you