August 17, 2010

Ransom Part 4: The Medical Drama

*Warning* This post may have some graphic medical stuff that might turn the stomach of the faint at heart-be wary!

So, like I mentioned in my last installment of Ransom's birth-the midwife said I had a lot of bleeding after the birth, but that she'd be back in a few hours to check on things- so after several hours, in which we got to introduce Ransom to my family and Brett got to change his first poopy diaper, the midwife returned with the Obstetrician who was on call to check on my stitches and see how my bleeding was doing. It didn't take the doctor long before she realized that the extensive bleeding was not coming from my stitches but that a piece of placenta was still inside me ( apparently I had an extra lobe of placenta so that when the original placenta was removed it didn't seem as though it wasn't completely intact and so the midwife had no idea there was any left inside me) ....

And so without further ado she starts pulling things out of me ( I'm not sure what, I wasn't looking...) and then things got intense. It seems that once she got the rogue piece of placenta out, my uterus started to freak out and the bleeding intensified and my uterus was not contracting. I was literally crying in pain and blacked out for a few seconds because of the lack of blood-but there were seriously two doctors, a midwife and about five nurses all running around the room, sticking me with needles, putting in an extra IV line and putting all sorts of drugs into my body-all while this doctor was going hardcore messaging of my uterus from the inside and out trying to get it to contract. They even started preparing the OR just incase things didn't go well-and it was then I realized that I might loose my uterus.

And that's also when I realized I didn't want Ransom to be an only child.

I looked over at Brett who was sitting in the corner holding Ransom, as the room filled up with people all working on me. Poor guy. That must have been overwhelming. And I know he and I were both praying pretty hard at this point- But it all happened so very fast, and it was-luckily-over relatively quickly.
Thankfully the doctor was able to finally get my uterus to corporate and the blood loss was slowed.

I ended up having to get a blood transfusion the next day, because I lost about triple the normal amount of blood for a birth-and let me tell you, that extra blood made ALL the difference in my recovery!!

All in all, I am able to say how GRATEFUL I am that we had the birth experience that we did-a combo of both a wonderful team of midwives who were with us every single step of the way, as well as medical doctors and nurses who also stepped in when they were really needed. God was very good to us, and I am happy to say that Ransom and I are both on the road to being normal human beings ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow- that's intense girl! Almost the same thing happened with me- the birth was as "normal" as birth can be, but afterwards didn't stop bleeding, uterus decided not to contract anymore, fainting spells, seizure like activity, drugs, iv's, puking on nurses...quite scary. Ryan was white as a ghost, on his knees praying. I just wanted to hold Shiloh. Didn't lose enough to get transfusion- but wish I had, recovery was pretty slow. I'm so glad the Lord preserved us both to enjoy our little ones and hubbies! Praying for you, new Momma! ~Leah

aggierudy3 said...

I read your disclaimer as a challenge. No way was I going to let my stomach turn!

I am so glad you had a great team. My nurse-midwife for Zuzu was had served in the military for 20 years and was amazing. I'm only sad that she wasn't able to be at my delivery.

Rachael said...

Wow, that's scary! I'm so glad that it all turned out for the best and that you and Ransom are both healthy, safe, and WHOLE! :) I love hearing about how you guys are doing. I pray God continues to give you the strength to get through the first month, it was definitely the hardest for M and I.

Katie said...

That was hard to read b/c that is so scary, but I'm so thankful everything turned out okay! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are both ok! :-) x x Louise

MrsThomas said...

OH my gosh. I am fully freaked about EVER having kids. It is decided that WE are adopting. (not really but ahh! how incredibly awful!!!!)