September 29, 2010

20/20 vision

So, first off...and this will have nothing to do with the rest of the post, but Ransom slept NINE HOURS LAST NIGHT!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! ( And with only one feeding in the middle...)
And this same child has been napping like a CHAMP all day!! Seriously, Sleep Training, I will SO write a glowing review of you if you asked...

Ok, now on to my post:

So, this afternoon I was headed out the door to make the loooong trek to Babies R Us to buy more bags for my Diaper Pail ( seriously, my child is the poopiest child ever...and this pail has been a LIFE SAVER!)-which incidentally, we did not make it to Babies R Us, because Ransom started crying soon after we left Fort Benning and I was faced with a HUGE, GIANT traffic jam, and so I took the nearest exit, made a big loop -came home and bought my diaper bags online...they will arrive on Friday and I will not have to have a screaming child in the car for any length of time. WIN.
Ok, wait, that's not where this was going...ok, right, I was headed out the door and I grabbed the mail and noticed a letter from Brett! YAY! And as I was grabbing the mail and heading to the car I heard the little beeping sound on my phone that lets me know I have a voice mail....and so that is how I got the WONDERFUL news from our dear friend Charlie, that Brett passed BOTH OF HIS PATROLS in the Mountain Phase of Ranger School!!! 
I was SO excited! And it made having to drive in a giant loop with a crying baby TOTALLY bareable. And so, when I got home from my totally pointless outing, I read Brett's letter-which he started with, "I'm pretty sure I didn't get a Go on my first patrol." And then he proceeded to tell me all the things he felt he'd done wrong over the last few days. But, you know what? I had already gotten the phone call from Charlie, and I ALREADY KNEW that each and every one of those mistakes that Brett had supposedly made had been covered up by Grace! And that's when I thought-I bet this is how God feels....I mean, don't get me wrong I am NOT equating myself to God, haha! But what I am saying is that how often am I bumming around, thinking how awful things are going ( for instance Ransom crying for days on end and me wondering if I was being a good Mom or if I was setting my child up for a life time of therapy) and God is shaking His head at me wondering when I'm going to remember that my life is covered by His Grace. That His mercy is FAR reaching...when am I going to have faith that He really DOES work all things for Good!?! And so it was kind of cool to have 20/20 vision of Brett's hear his perspective already knowing how it was going to end. But, maybe I need to have that kind of calm and peace going into ALL of our situations-since, its the same God working it all out-whether I know how or not!
So, in this instance it was nice knowing how the chapter ended, but I hope I have that same peace going into the Florida phase where I do NOT know the end result...


Katie said...

So happy for you guys! And go Ransom!!

Aunt Donnave said...

So glad that Brett PASSED! Way to go, Brett!
And, I am thrilled about Ransom...told you he was a quick learner.

Rachael said...

Thanks for sharing your insight, this is definitely something I'm continually trying to work on in myself...increasing faith, going when we don't know the way and trusting Him...I'll probably never feel confident in myself in that but I just hope I never stop trying to do better!