September 28, 2010

A baby and a bear's butt

So, it hasn't even been a WEEK yet of "sleep training" ( a.k.a torture for parents with ears) and things are already looking up for those who have to live with Ransom ( me).

Its actually pretty cute that I would say 65.9 percent of the time ( a percentage that I just made up because it sounded about right) when you put him down for his nap, all swaddled and with his pacifier, he immediately turns his little head and sticks it into the butt of his stuff bear and closes his eyes for about two seconds and then opens them up again as if to say, "nope! I'm not tired!! I won't be sleeping!" But, that two second snuggle with the bear butt is the dead give away that as soon as I walk away he's going to be out. And THAT'S SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL.

Incidentally, the bear butt thing...Ransom didn't come up with it on his own. I started sticking the stuffed bear up close to Ransom's face to "keep the pacifier in"-because that's what good mother's do....and now I think its actually part of our sleep ritual. hahaha!

Anyway, I wouldn't say we've got this sleeping thing down or this schedule thing down...but we're getting there and all the smiles and half laughs I'm getting from Ransom during his awake time is the sure sign that we're on the right track.

So, sigh....I'm sure I'm going to need another pep talk from one of you Mom's again in a few days when Ransom is screaming his head off for the fifty-millionth hour in a row...but I thought I'd take this moment  when Ransom DID go RIGHT DOWN for his nap with a sigh and a bear butt snuggle  to write a I could look back at it and be reminded that while this whole parenting thing seems like a real shot in the dark most days- SOMETIMES it pays off.

Added Note: For those concerned, Ransom's bear is NOT cover his air passages..and it usually doesnt stay by his face for long ( he's a pretty active when he sleeps)-and don't worry I check on him and move it if it DOES seem to stay by his face longer than it should! :-)


Amy Bushatz said...

Ok THAT is adorable. But just be prepared to have that bear in your life forever. Remember how I used to tuck that blanket around Dave's head to keep the paci in? Yeah, that is The Blanket. You have been warned.

But seriously, adorable!

And so glad the sleep training is starting to work. Yay yay yay

Rachael said...

Good job sticking it out! And I'm so glad that you are getting some benefits (happier Ransom better sleep) too. Keep up the good work!

Amy Bushatz said...

I just checked back on this post and, yup, I still want to squeeeeeeeze him. OK.

Dana Beam said...

I used to do the same thing with Bella to keep her pacifier in! Hey whatever it takes!! And if the whole stuffed animal in his face thing bothers you in the future, build a bear makes flat bottomed, hard shoes for bears and we actually shoved the shoe up to her pacifier. Worked awesome and saved my sanity!