September 22, 2010

Ordering of the day

I remember when I was young and my parents would pray over breakfast and they would often say, "Lord, order the day for us."
I immediately envisioned me at a fast food restaurant menu and then Jesus jumping in front of me and ordering me something I hadn't thought to ask for...

Well, that's pretty much what I think it means, even now...and I'm often delighted when my "perfectly planned" day turns out to be waaay different. Like today, for instance, today I was starting the morning off slow, Ransom was eating and I got a phone call from my wonderful Mother-in-law, Mary. We ended up talking for about 45 minutes and even praying together at the end. It was SO encouraging to me to hear how she's been praying for Brett and it reminded me how the Holy Spirit has given so many different people, in completely different places some of the same specific prayers for B. Pretty awe inspiring! She also shared some stories about Brett from his childhood and she mentioned how his heart was "tender" for the Lord even back then. It was an interesting word choice, but one that Brett and I have actually used in our prayers for Ransom-even before he was born. I think one of my greatest hopes is that Ransom's heart will be soft and malleable towards the Lord and from an early age he will see his great need for Christ....essentially I hope he's like his Daddy!
Anyway, my conversation with Mary was like a big gulp of cool refreshing water-and after getting off the phone I remember that the previous night I had been feeling rather lonely and down...and here I was getting an encouraging phone call the very next morning!
It was also great to hear from Mary, because I've definitely missed her-she came to visit only two weeks ago but it seems like AGES! It was such a blessing having her here and getting to share a little bit of Brett and my life with her! It was pretty amazing how God once again "ordered" things so that Mary was even here when Brett had his 8 hour pass so she got to see her son! And of course, I had tons of fun staring at Ransom and discussing all the various ways in which he is superior to all other babies. Nanas are good for things like that ;-)

And so my morning whizzed by, and I was just sitting down to feed Ransom again before heading off to a Doctors appointment when the door bell rang and then rang again...and then I heard the door OPEN! So I unattached myself from my child and hurried to see who was there...and it was my downstairs neighbors!! We have seriously lived in this house for HOW many months now and we've been TERRIBLE about getting to know our neighbors...but TODAY of ALL DAYS they decide to break the trend and drop by! They were terribly sweet and even brought diapers and baby wipes for Ransom and so there in that moment I had to just toss my plans of having a perfectly fed and calm baby for my Doctors appointment out the window. I also had to toss my plans of going to the post office to mail Brett's box ( we'll just have to pray that one day doesn't make a difference!) and instead enjoy getting to meet my sweet neighbors. Sometimes I need to learn to be more flexible....

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